About Us

What the hell is TactiCool GeeK?  It’s an online store collecting designs primarily from the world of Robert R Ricks and his friends.  Why TactiCool Geek?  Because we are trying to get some seriously cool items and technology to the fans.  If you’re a longtime fan of the STREET WARriorS, or new to the world of Rob Ricks, there’s a wide range of products here for you to check out.  Additionally, we’re gonna be pushing out a new shopping cart in addition to the one you see here that deals with collectible numbered items.  Oh did we mention contests?  Spinning wheels, random number generators and more… There’s a ton of stuff planned for this channel, so kick off your boots and stay a while.  🙂

Brands we’re showcasing right now are:

  • Angry Jackalope and the Jackalope Crew
  • Magic Really Sucks
  • The STREET WARriorS
  • Convergence 2012
  • eXPerience Life! In it to WIN it!
  • RAIMAZ Publishing
  • and more…